Four Points

Good vibes are all we need

Good deeds done are all we need

Feeling good is all we want

Feeling good is all we want

Feeling so good it’s worth it

To say it one more time

Good vibes are all we need

Good deeds done are all we need

Feeling good is all we want

Feeling good is all we want

Feeling so good it’s worth it

To say it one more time

Look good

Smell good

Taste good

Makes you feel good

Good vibes are all we need

Good deeds done are all we need

Feeling good is all we want

Feeling good is all we want

Feeling so good it’s worth it

To say it one more time


You remind me of someone, of someone whom you’re not too fond of. That someone who you’ve disliked for quite sometime now.

That someone you’ve talked about and said you would never be like. Yet, it seems like you’re very much like them, not in all ways, but a few ways.

A few ways that make me upset and angry to think about. It’s hard not to think about, when it concerns someone who I care dearly for and would give the world to and do anything I can to make sure their safe and happy, like they should be.

Happy, safe and enjoying their life, without having to fight to survive on their own. There’s no reason why they should be doing what they’re doing at this point in time. They should be helped with doing certain task’s, not doing them all by themselves.

Much love for the both of you and that’s not going to ever change. I only hope that disappointment in you doesn’t set in tomorrow, because of the actions of today.

Hey This Way

Havent felt this way

In a very long time

Yet I think this is the first

Time I’ve felt this way

The day I saw you

For the first time

I wanted you to be mine

Only it would take time

Time I have

No time to play

Got to find a way

A way to find peace

When I lay

And lay with you

Is beyond peace

I’ve walked miles

Without a smile

Unless there was a vile

At the end of the trip

My mind has flipped

And I haven’t tripped

Hoping this doesn’t

Go away ever

Whatever the way

Never felt this way

I’ll never stay forever

Hey this way

You Deserve

You deserve so much more. You deserve to be treated the way you should be, not the way someone thinks they should treat you. You deserve to get back what you give, if not even more. You deserve everything you’ve ever wanted and much more. You deserve to be loved and cherished beyond your wildest dreams. You deserve someone whose going to want to be with you completely, not only when they find it¬†convenient for them. You deserve someone who makes you feel good. You deserve someone whose always there for you, even if its to simply listen to you while you speak. To listen when you’re upset and need to vent.

You deserve love.

You deserve all of this and more and you know that, but why don’t you go and get what you deserve, from someone who will give you everything?

Too Much

Is their such a thing as caring too much about someone?

Caring about someone too much and never being able to say “no”. Causing you to be dealing with their issues, that you have no control over and can’t do anything about.

You end up trying to do what you can, but it never seems to be enough. Enough to the point where you don’t have to help anymore. You can end up caring about someone else too much and you end up forgetting to care about yourself and not doing what makes you happy. Not putting your own happiness first and becoming miserable because of someone else’s issues. Issues that you have no control over, but you have so much love for someone whose issues become yours, because of the love you have for them.

Is there such a thing as caring too much about someone?

Yes. I believe there is, especially when it gets to the point where you completely put someone else first, over and over again. Love yourself and care for yourself, before you go out and care end up caring too much about someone. Dont say “yes” if that means your saying “no” to you.

It’s been too long that I’ve cared too much and I don’t care anymore. I definitely don’t care about what you or anyone thinks of me when I say I don’t care anymore.

One Z

You have all the potential in the world to do whatever it is, that you want

to do, all you have to do is put your mind to it. And no matter what you may

choose to do or not do, you can count on me being there and willing to help in

any way possible. What I would want for you is to keep growing, learning and

never give up on your dreams. Don’t let anyone influence you in any negative

way. Never let anyone bring you down and make you second guess your dreams,that

you would like pursue in life.

Remain humble and be kind to others, because you

never know who someone may be or what they’re going through. Keep in mind that

there are people out there who are less fortunate than you. Therefore you should

stay grateful for all that you have in life. Especially the little things, we

all seem to take for granted. You’ll realize that people can be judgemental of

others, simply based off of looks. Even though we’re told to “never judge a book

by its cover,” yet we as a society do just that. Look at people as being a book,

each with their own story and their own unique theme.

The strength you have both mentally and physically should be nourished and taken care of on a daily basis. Keep them both active and in the best shape, even stronger than you are now. With that strength you have the ability to conquer the world. The strength gives you the chance to stand up for yourself when someones trying to knock you down. Hopefully that strength will bring courage. The courage to stand up for someone, who may not be able to defend themselves. This will speak a lot for your character which I can only hope you keep building your character, as you continue to go grow and experience different things in the world.

No matter what experiences you may go through I’ll always stand behind you. And support you and what you want to do. Always encouraging your artistic and creative ways. Never let that creativity slip away. The decisions you end up making, I’ll never judge or be the one to be mad at you.

I’ll never be the one who will tell you what it is you can or can’t do. That’s not my place to do so, not to mention their will be enough people doing that already. I’ll only be there to help with guidance and give you any advice on what I think you should or shouldnt do.

Telling you what you can or can’t do would be hypocritical of myself considering I believe that you can do anything. My only hope is that you realize what it is that you should or shouldnt do.

I only what you to live and enjoy life, while staying focused on whats important to you and your well-being. Remain true to who you are and what you believe in. Stay positive even through any of the negatives. Get back up if you’re ever knocked down. Keep an open mind and love yourself, always, like I will always love you more than anything in this world, this world that is yours. Be a part of it and take care of it.

You each have a spot in the chambers of my heart that keeps me going through life. A life I can not picture without you.

Hide And Seek

You always seem to try to hide, but hiding is something you’re not too skilled at. I’ll always find you if I want to. At one point I always wanted to find you and see you. To see that face that was always hiding, yet always smiling.

You now are always hiding and finding you has become much more difficult than it was once was. Now I’m not even putting much effort into trying to find you.

We cross paths every now and then, but if we don’t it’s whatever, if we do it’s still whatever. The main difference between now and then is the fact that were both hiding and not seeking each other.

Now that we’re bot hiding things have become much better than they ever were.

I’ll seek you and then hide

Hide and I’ll seek you

No more