That Feeling

That feeling of your lips

Is something I want to feel forever

That feeling of you pressed up against me

Is something I want to feel forever

That feeling of my hands holding your face

Is something I want to feel forever

That feeling of my hands in your hair

Is something I want to feel forever

That feeling inside of me when I know that smile is because of me

Is something I want to feel forever

That feeling of my hands on your waist

Is something I want to feel forever

The feeling I make you feel inside and out

Is something I want to make you feel forever

The feeling you feel when we’re together

Is something I want to make you feel forever

The feeling we feel together

Is something that’s going to last forever

That forever feeling

Is that something that’s even real?

The Beast

Contain the beast and let go of the urge to continue the beastly ways, that are slowly destroying you a little bit each day. The way you live out each day will determine the amount of damage caused by the beast.

Contain the beast and fight the urge to keep feeding the beast. Feeding him and giving him the fuel to keep going on with his beastly ways. A daily battle with a few win and a few losses throughout the day. Everyday get back up and keep fighting the beast.

Starve the beast and let him wither away until he’s gone for good. When he’s gone for good there will be many good things for you to contain. Not only contain, but maintain the good as well.

Keep feeding the good and stay prepared to go into battle with another beast that my arrive looking for a feast, a feast that is you.

A place A space



A place to call my own

A place I go to after a long day is over

A place where the music can be turned up

A place where all thoughts can be turned off

A place to sit and relax

A place to lie down and dream

A place to call mine

A place to one day call ours

A place

A space

One place

A little space

Drew the Fisherman

This isn’t exactly where I want to be. This is a lot better than where I was. There’s so much better out there for me. There’s not much good where I’m at. I’m much more than what people may think. I’m much more than I know. Not that I don’t know, because I do. I’m much more than this place. They may not think that. But what they think doesn’t mean anything to me. What matters is what I think of me. Not what they think. What I think is theirs so much more. More and plenty of it for me. So why stay when in all reality I could just go. Just go when I’m off this paper. I keep telling myself no. Maybe theirs some growth where I’m at. But will that growth be given to me. Or is the growth not seen by them. Maybe I’m replaceable, maybe I’m not. But theirs not much growth to be achieved when it’s as if the opportunity isn’t given. At least given a chance to see how it works. Not just me but many others as well.

I hate this

Yea I hear you on that

Don’t go man

This place could really use you. You’re a great asset to this place.

Both you and I

But why isn’t that seen?

Where’s the growth? The growth is within us both, but they can’t see it, or they don’t want to see it. Growth on the daily yet it still isn’t seen. Everyone’s looking for all the bad. Instead of seeing the good. Maybe it’s insecurities from others. Others afraid of our growth and growing more than them. Outshining them in many ways. Never outshine the master and give credit to the master.

I hate it here

We deserve more while the one’s who don’t get more.

What do they do?

Bend over backwards

Their told to jump and they say how high?

I hate it here and I’m not tied to here

I hate I here

Yea I hear you on that

Oh Well

Feel like the opposite of well

What’s the opposite of well?

I don’t know

Oh well

No need to know the other side

When you’re feeling the other

Know that feeling

Oh well


Oh well

When much isn’t well

A complete feeling

Of feeling incomplete

Oh well

Went from anger and aggravation

To mellow in only few moments

If anyone notices

Oh well

Sometimes aggravation gets the best of me

Not nearly as much anymore

Oh well

Oh well when things aren’t well

A little circular white product

Can make all the difference

Oh well

Mellow out and relaxed

It was worth it

Oh well

First time in a while

I could say things are

Oh so well

Back and Forth

Back and forth

Always back and forth

Never a place to settle

Bags packed

Bags unpacked

Back and forth

Once settled

Bags unpacked

Bags packed again

Asking where do I sleep?

Asking where did I sleep?

Asking when do I sleep?

Sleep beneath a pine tree

Where the light shines

Day and night

Back and forth

Tranqualized Dreams

These dreams could have you losing all forms of basic motor skills. Becoming disconnected from reality, you could become psychologically disconnected to the one that controls you. Not being able to walk without looking and feeling awkward because that’s exactly what you are. This tranquil feeling from something that could bring an animal down.

Start hearing the water running through the pipes behind the walls. Your vision could possibly become a lot clearer almost high-definition, with every little pixel popping out at you.

In the middle of a conversation and forgetting what was just said. Having extreme difficulty comprehending the simplest of problems. Those problems are elementary to the ones that you can come across when you lay down and close your eyes. It doesn’t seem to stop there it’s really only the beginning.

These dreams can make you feel so awkward and weird because that’s exactly what you are.