The thought of you

The sight of you

The touch of you

The feel of you

All of those

Everything can be achieved

Why can’t you see

How this has become

A whirl wind of feelings

Wrapped up and given

The gift of everything

You are the thought

You are the sight

You are the touch

You are the feel

Everything you are

Priceless to me

Worthless to others

The others no longer bother

When will you no longer

Be held back

By something

Bringing you down

Fly away

Run away

For everything you are

For everything you are not

I’d run away

Fly away

To you

Starless skies

Endless nights

Wrapped up in a bow

The gift that you are

Very present

In all the thoughts

In all the sights

In all the feelings

All of those

That fly away

Run away

Never go away

For the way

Is never gone




In the way

I feel




No Title

This is the process

First it’s broken up

Then we split it

And fill it

Again and again

Until we have three

One for you

One for me

One for us afterwards

Once the clouds have faded away

That’s where I’ll take you

As far away as the clouds take us


“Life’s a garden dig it.” To some may sound like a dumb quote or some may think, how is life anything like a garden? To others it may be quite an interesting quote and hold a lot of meaning to someone as it does to me. The way I see it is that both a garden and life are absolutely beautiful and should be cherished. And if theirs something that is hindering it from being beautiful, you have the chance to change that, that is as long as you wake up and waking up in the morning in itself is a beautiful thing, because many wont wake up today, tomorrow and so forth.

They both require time, effort and patience. It takes time to acheive what is you want the and the time pointless if theirs no effort put in. And patience is truly a virtue, beacuse a beautiful garden simply does not grow overnight. As long as you keep being persisten and never give up on all of the things you want in life, will become yours. When a problem or obstacle occurs that you must get over, its the ability to adapt, change and continue to grow and keep going forward towards the light, just like a plant reaches and grows towards the sun, no matter what the enviorment throws at it.

As time goes on you should be learning as much as you can. You learn new things and with that you’re able to mix things up and do what works for you. Whether your thinking of life or a garden, either way you learn as you grow. It truly is the mistakes and set backs that teach us the most. We learn how to not make the same mistake over and over again. Even if you do make the same mistake more than once thats fine, as long as you are aware of it, take that and change the negative into a positive. Both life and a garden are a learning expeirence and sometimes your enviorment can not be controlled. We as humans must learn to adapt and change in order to survive, we always have and hopefully always will.

One of the key elements for anything or anyone to grow is space. Not enough space and our roots have nowhere to go and push us forward to become what we want to become. Too much space and our roots wont be able to grasp the foundation and all we’ll end up doing is wilt over and simply go through life struggling, hoping and wishing we were more than half dead wilted plant. Not only is space crucial for growth, but so is proper drainage. What I mean by drainage is that a plant needs its soil to not flood and drown the roots, prohibiting from growing. The same goes for humans you have to have the ability to let shit go through you, never let anyones doubts about you or any of their or lifes bullshit that is thrown at you stop you from growing and becoming the beautiful human being you were meant to be. That ability comes witht from the knowledge gained through the expeirences you’ve been through. Instead of stepping into some bullshit you’ll be able to see it coming and step around it and avoid the annoyance of have to clean that shit off of you.

When the time comes for me to get back in the garden as the spring is approaching I make a plan, sort of a mental list of the things that I “need” to do. Theres those few things that are needed to be done and the garden will grow and flourish and I’ll be happy. Than I sit and think about what I “want” to do with my garden. All of the little things I’ve learned over the years through trial and error. Learning from the previous growing season and than take it day by day. It’s my garden and I’ll do what works for me, mix things up and expeirement.

The same thing goes for life as well, as we grow were told what we need to do in life. There’s that set standard of rules that are enstilled in us, like do these things and you’ll be okay. The things like you need to go to school, you need to find a job/career, you need to find a way to provide for yourself and family, if you have one. Those necesities that make us feel good that we’re contributing and being a productive member of society.

As children we all have these dreams of what we want to do and become and somewhere down the road its as if we speak of these dreams and were chastized and told “you can’t make a living doing that” or something along those lines. We than become old enough to start working and doing nothing but working and all those dreams are forgotten about because we have grown up.

Who in their right mind wants to simply work that 9-5 job/career that their not even happy with. You may be making decent money and living quite nicely, but if you’re completely miserable with life, whats the point in doing only what you need to do if it’s making you un-happy, stressed and possibly causing some severe health related health issues down the road?

What is that passion that you have? No matter what it may be just do it, even if you’re not making a living doing it, who cares, one day that passion can be a way of supporting yourself. All you have to do is pursue it and don’t make excuses, like “I’m too busy and have no time.” You’ve got to make time for it, especially if it makes you happy and releives stress from this busy face paced society were living in today. It can be something as simple as a drawing and/or coloring like we did as kids, if it makes you happy do it. Whatever it may be figure out a way to get yourself out there, that is if you want to be recognized. You never know, that picture you quickly sketched while on you’re lunch break may mean nothing to you, but could mean the world to someone else.

Continure doing what you “need” to do, but never forget what it is that you “want” to do. In todays world with social media it’s a lot easier to get your name out there with what you love to do, you just can’t expect it to happen overnight.

You can’t expcet a garden if you don’t plant the seeds.

So plant that seed and put in the time, effort and remain persistent and be patient. Most importantly never give up. Giving up is the ultimate failure and you’ll never know what could’ve been had you kept at it and not knowing has got to be one of the worst feelings in the world, you know the “what ifs” in life.

Being able to do both what is needed and what is wanted on a daily basis and gaining some level of inner peace, happiness and having some fun while doing it is success.

If more of us were pursuing our passions maybe the population would know what true happiness is not the short term happiness we gain from the materialistic things we have and want.

The beauty of a garden isnt always whats growing inside of the garden, but the growing on the inside of the individual tending to the garden.


Morning Relaxation

Being able to simply sit and relax for as little as ten minutes has done wonders for me. I feel more relaxed physically but more importantly my mind has become more relaxed than it has been in quite some time. I love it and I look forward to the ten minutes of relaxation every morning before I head out the door.

It amazes me how ten minutes can make a world of a difference for the rest of the day. It’s not like I’m in some deep meditation, all I’m doing is simply focusing on breathing. Something we do all day without even thinking twice about it. It’s as if we’ve become so busy and constantly rushing because of not having enough time that we forget to breathe. I’ve come to realize that I must make time for time, time for me and no one else. Selfish? Possibly to some but theirs nothing selfish about taking time for you and only you. Nothing selfish about taking care of the mind, body, and soul.

With that have a great day and enjoy your Monday, even though it’s most people’s least favorite day, I don’t mind Mondays I just don’t like the fact that I have to wear pants.

Any day you wake up is a great day.

Smile, laugh, and have some fun.

Go Explore

The woods are where I find peace and quiet, where I’m able to simply sit and enjoy all the sounds around me. The type of sounds that you don’t always get a chance to hear with the busy lifestyles we live today. It’s nice being able to have the opportunity to slow things down and relax after I’ve entered the woods.

The woods are where I’m able to quiet the mind and be without all of the thoughts that come and go. They’ll never be completely gone, but the woods give me the strength to push them aside and think of nothing at all, except the silence.

The woods to some may be a nuisance and un welcoming but to myself I find them very welcoming and beautiful. I’m always more than willing to go explore them. Going exploring for nothing in particular other than exploring itself, seeing where my two feet take me. With no real set destination in mind, those are usually the most rewarding walks through the woods. Though there may be no real destination it doesn’t mean I walk around aimlessly, it usually means I’m trying to go somewhere far away. The less thinking that’s being done the better and with that I slowly become more aware the deeper I go. Aware of only whats going on around me and inside of me, focusing on the silence and looking forward to it, as it slowly but surely approaches. The silence just like the woods is slowly but surely ever-present, always alive, constantly changing and growing. Even during the dark and cold times, it never stops. It’s a force so big and powerful it’s absolutely amazing. The ability for it to keep on going and prospering. Always reaching towards the light high above and never looking down.

The woods for me in the simplest of ways is an escape. An extraordinary escape from everyone and anything.

The woods make me feel alive, refreshed and give me something that’s un-explainable. It’s the un-explainable that always has me coming back and loving the woods. It keeps me exploring until I’m no longer able to.

The woods are the greatest teacher to all who enter to explore. All that’s needed is the ability to look, listen, and feel what they have to offer.

The House

The house filled with many of us. Each with a different background and many of us with a different mission that we’re on, when we walk through the doors. We may have many differences and goals, but we do share that one goal in common, that main goal of simply getting out.

It’s not hard to get out, it’s that there is so many things that can pull you in the wrong direction. The complete opposite direction that you want to go in or planned on going in.

The magic number of the house is twenty. Everyone’s story starts with doing something and the number twenty. The majority of people want to play the “I’m a bad ass” or “I’m a gangster” role. If that’s the case than, why in the world are you here at the house? Oh, yea that’s right a case it what you caught and you’re not a badass or a gangster therefore you decided to check in to the house.

The house that limits your movements, not completely but movement is definitely limited. Not being able to move as freely as you wish. Having to be here and then be there, even though you don’t particularly want to. Fake it until you make as they say.

Truth is no one is keeping you here, the front door is right there always opened for you. The only thing that’s keeping you there is yourself. You can walk out and you know that they will be looking for you. They’ll find you eventually and you’ll end up back in a house. Not the same one, but a house.

A house that you’ll call home until they say otherwise. You’re better off to stay in the house that you chose to go to and play the game, because as we all know and them as well, that’s all it is, a game. Do what they want you to do, so they can’t say anything negative about you to them. While you’re busy playing their game, don’t forget about the self-help that’s needed. It’s called self-help because they can only help guide you. You are the one that will be helping you and no one else.

It starts with waking up and first being thankful for that. Being thankful that you’re in this house and not that house. Be thankful that your movement may be limited, but not entirely taken away. Be thankful that you’re allowed out the door as long as you have a legitimate reason.

Earn the trust and respect from them and you’ll be alright with little to no problems with the house. Keep to yourself and be careful with who you choose to associate with, because they see all of that. They know more than you may think. They can think the way you think, if not even better than you. When you think you’re getting one over on them chances are you’re not.

Thinking may be the very first thing you should be working on. No matter what your problems are, I believe they all started with the way you think, your thought process in your daily life. A thinking problem.

Once we change our thinking patterns, we can move onto changing and improving the rest of ourselves. Once the mind is right the rest will fall into place, don’t expect it overnight, but it will happen.

This house will hopefully be a memory. A house you’ll never step foot in again. A house that when thought of is thought of as an accomplishment, not everyone completes and even the ones that do come back.

Completing the game and never having to hit the reset button to replay it over again. If the walls of this house could talk, one could only imagine what they would say.

The house has been there for a long time and will remain there for a long time to come.

The house shall rise and overcome everything and anything that is thrown at it.